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Endometriosis Family Support Group

Endometriosis Family Support Group

Endometriosis Family Support Group

About the Endometriosis Family Support Group

Riverside Medical Clinic Charitable Foundation’s Endometriosis Family Support Group provides an opportunity for individuals who have endometriosis to share information, offer support and provide encouragement. This support group meets in a webinar format on a monthly basis (Please check our calendar for dates).  Diagnosis, treatments, pain management, diet, exercise and lifestyle modifications are just a few of the important topics discussed.

Monday, September 9th at 12:00 pm PDT

Woman’s Health and Hormone Expert Dr. Amy Day

As a woman with endo, and as a provider with over 15 years of experience helping other women with endo, Dr. Amy Day is passionate about broadening the treatment options available to the millions of women worldwide who are struggling with endo. For too many women, conventional treatments fall short of addressing the root issues and are unable to provide true and lasting relief from this complicated disease. Though each woman’s experience is unique, Dr. Amy has discovered an effective natural approach that helps you take your healing journey into your own hands.
Dr. Amy received her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from NCNM in Portland, OR in 2004, and holds the 4th ND license in the state of California. She is the founder of The Women’s Vitality Center in Berkeley, CA where she and her team specialize in helping busy professional women with stress, fatigue and hormonal issues. After helping 1,000s of women in her private practice, Dr. Amy now also offers online group programs and virtual health coaching for women around the world.

She currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Endometriosis Association and is a past board member of the California Naturopathic Doctors Association.

While in medical school, struggles with her own women’s health issues fueled Dr. Amy’s passion to work with and empower other women. She now provides experienced and compassionate care to help get to the bottom of complex hormonal issues including adrenal/thyroid health, perimenopause/menopause, PMS, PCOS and endometriosis.

She uses an integrated approach combining diet, exercise, lifestyle counseling, stress management, nutritional supplements, botanical medicines and bioidentical hormones as she guides women on the journey to optimal wellness. Learn more at www.DrAmyDay.com where you can start our journey with a free download of her latest e-book 4 Steps to Replenish Your Energy.

Register at https://rmccf.webinarninja.com/live-webinars/137905/register

To register for an upcoming webinar, use the link below, or you may also email Michael Barboza, Foundation Program Coordinator at Michael@RMCcharity.org, or call 951-321-6514. Webinars are FREE and participants are welcome from all medical groups.

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April 2019

Endometriosis Family Support Group: Webinar with Abby Norman

April 12 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm PDT

Friday, April 12th at 12:00 pm PDT Featuring a Discussion with Abby Norman Abby Norman is a science writer based in New England. Her work has been featured in Harper's, The Independent, Literary Hub, Medium, The Rumpus, Mental Floss, Atlas Obscura, and others. Register at https://rmccf.webinarninja.com/live-webinars/96235/register

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May 2019

Endometriosis Family Support Group: Endo What? Viewing

May 30 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm PDT

Thursday, May 30th at 12:00 pm PDT Our webinar will look a little differently this month, we will be streaming the documentary Endo What? and participating in a live chat room so we can discuss the film as we watch it! Register at https://rmccf.webinarninja.com/live-webinars/111574/register

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June 2019

Endometriosis Family Support Group: Webinar with Leslie Wakefield

June 27 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm PDT

Thursday, June 27th at 1:00 pm PDT Physical Therapy for Symptoms of Endometriosis: What can physical therapy contribute to the care of patients with endometriosis?  Leslie Wakefield is a doctor of physical therapy with a holistic boutique practice in Hollywood, Florida. Her practice is focused upon pelvic rehabilitation and women's health, and she has a particular passion for working with patients with scar tissue and chronic pain. Her training includes a Masters degree in Human Performance from the University of…

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July 2019

Endometriosis Family Support Group: Webinar with Holly Grigg-Spall

July 9 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm PDT

Tuesday, July 9th at 12:00 pm PDT Discussing Birth Control Options with Holly Grigg-Spall Holly is the author of the cult book Sweetening the Pill: Or How We Got Hooked On Hormonal Birth Control. She is consulting producer on a documentary inspired by her book, directed by Abby Epstein and executive produced by Ricki Lake, which is currently in production. She leads an online workshop title 'A Feminist Guide To Going Off The Pill." Holly is also a brand ambassador…

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September 2019

Endometriosis Family Support Group: Webinar with Dr Amy Day

September 9 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm PDT

Monday, September 9th at 12:00 pm PDT Woman's Health and Hormone Expert Dr. Amy Day Dr. Amy Day is on a personal mission to empower women to find effective solutions to their health problems. Too many women struggle with energy, mood, sleep, weight, PMS and other hormonal issues and are either told it's all in their head, or offered birth control pills and anti-depressants when there are so many other safe, effective, holistic options. When Amy learned about naturopathic medicine…

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Additional Endometriosis Resources

  • Endometriosis Foundation of America – http://www.endometriosis.org
  • An Evening with Dr. Andrew Cook – Welcome to this exciting webinar with Dr. Cook. Please fast forward through the first 4:59 minutes of the video, as everyone was logging into the webinar. Enjoy!
  • Aubree Deimlar – Aubree Deimler is an author, speaker, and certified integrative health coach. She’s the founder of Peace with Endo at peacewithendo.com. Aubree is deeply passionate about wellness and inspiring other women with endometriosis to reconnect with a life filled with love and positive rhythms.
  • Dr. Sonia Rebeles – Sonia Rebeles, M.D., F.A.C.O.G., is Board Certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology, practicing in Beverly Hills, CA. Her area of expertise is in minimally invasive benign gynecologic surgery including robot-assisted (daVinci) surgery and single site surgery.
  • Lisa Howard – Lisa Howard is a community advocate and fundraiser for research and development of treatments and a cure.
  • Kristy Curry – We had the great opportunity to be joined by Kristy Curry, who founded the Flutter Health app during her own journey with Endometriosis. Her story is impactful and important.

For more information about the Endometriosis Family Support Group, please contact Michael Barboza, Foundation Program Coordinator, at (951) 321-6514 or Michael@RMCcharity.org.

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