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Community Health & Wellness Fair

Community Health & Wellness Fair

Community Health & Wellness Fair

Community Health and Wellness Fair

RMCCF has partnered with Riverside Project Heart and Operation Kindness to promote health and wellness throughout the community in the city of Riverside. Our Community Health & Wellness Fair will have two dates in the year 2022. Join us for events full of FREE activities, such as, CPR training, Health & Wellness Education, Kindness Activities, and much more. When you receive CPR training, you also will be entered to win some amazing prizes!

The objective of RMCCF’s Community Health and Wellness Fair is to provide CPR Education to the communities within Riverside that have a higher risk of cardiac events. With the launch of Riverside Project Heart coming soon, RMCCF hopes the Community Health & Wellness Fair will cause community impact and produce CPR educated individuals that can be available if and when a cardiac event happens in their neighborhoods. A sudden cardiac event may occur to anyone, anywhere, and anytime. An individual’s best chance of survival after cardiac arrest occurs when immediate intervention is provided. Early bystander CPR is a vital link in the Chain of Survival because it serves as a bridge to the arrival of EMS and advanced medical care.

The Riverside Fire Department (RFD) has identified sudden cardiac death as a community health concern that must be addressed, especially within Riverside’s most vulnerable neighborhoods. When considering the American Heart Association Chain of Survival, RFD recognized great strength in the Advanced Resuscitation and Post-cardiac Arrest Care links of the chain. RFD call data revealed excellent response times and competence in providing advanced cardiac care on scene and during transport to the hospital. Riverside is fortunate to have four hospitals dispersed throughout the city and a centrally located Heart Care Institute, capable of immediate intervention for sudden cardiac events. Although the city has ample medical and EMS resources, weakness in the first three links in the Chain of Survival have negatively affected the outcomes for individuals suffering a sudden cardiac event. Riverside Project Heart coordinator, Fire Captain Brian Guzzetta identifies the absence of early bystander CPR and a lack of AED Accessibility and utilization, as major contributors to increased morbidity and mortality rates for individuals suffering sudden cardiac events. AED mapping within the City of Riverside has noted moderate though insufficient AED accessibility in the downton business sector of the city, but a gross deficiency of AEDs in the most densely populated and vulnerable communities. The Health & Wellness Fair will provide opportunities for the most vulnerable communities to become educated in proper CPR procedures, the confidence to perform CPR if and when a cardiac event happens, and to spread awareness of the available resources provided by RMCCF and our community partners.

March 26, 2022
Location: Riverside Medical Clinic Administration Building
3660 Arlington Ave, Riverside, CA 92506
Time: 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

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