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AED Accessibility

AED Accessibility

AED Accessibility


An Automated External Defibrillator, commonly referred to as an AED, is an essential link in the chain of survival for someone suffering from a cardiac arrest. An AED will assess the heart rhythm of an unresponsive, pulseless victim. This lifesaving device may then prompt the user to deliver an electrical shock with the press of a button, the way health care providers do with the handheld “paddles”, to recover a normal heart rhythm and a pulse.

The AED is most effective immediately after an individual experiences a sudden cardiac event. The American Heart Association states that “9 out of 10 cardiac arrest victims who receive a shock from an AED in the first minute live.” (2018, American Heart Association, DS120901 1/18)

Riverside Project Heart is dedicated to ensuring that AEDs are available throughout the City of Riverside, so that our community members can receive early intervention from a bystander following a cardiac event. RMCCF intends on assisting local businesses in the acquisition and installation of AEDs within their workplace; and through the help of sponsorships and grants, RMCCF plans on providing stipends for AEDs in areas of need.

  • The Riverside Fire Department (RFD) has been been mapping to catalog these devices within the PulsePoint app. When an emergency occurs, PulsePoint will alert the nearest responder to the closest AED.
  • RFD will also determine areas within the city where AEDs are too scarce for the population density and help to provide AED’s to these vulnerable areas.
  • Riverside Project Heart is partnering with local businesses to provide CPR and AED education within the workplace and to assist in AED placement, signage, and employee training.

Applications for RMCCF’s AED program are COMING SOON!

For more information regarding RMCCF’s AED Accessibility programs, please email us at HeartSavers@RMCcharity.org, or call 951.682.2753