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HERO Program

HERO Program

HERO Program

About our program

Our HERO Program is a bullying prevention program that enhances or compliments what schools are providing on their campuses. This program includes student, staff and parent education throughout the school year, along with recognition of exceptional students who go above and beyond to be a HERO. We have also added our TAKE 30 webinar series that continues our professional education throughout the year on a quarterly basis. Ongoing support and resources will be provided to combat and reduce bullying in schools and in our communities. 

The Institute provides these services free to schools within Riverside County, CA based on funding and resources available. We are currently taking applications for the 2020/2021 school year.

You can also schedule a Kindness Activity or Event, which is an activity for a single class or the entire school on a particular day. These activities are grade specific and need to be coordinated in advance. Activities could include: Kindness Cards, Kindness Wheel or a Kindness Wall.

If your school or organization is interested in signing up as a HERO school or scheduling a Kindness Event or Activity, please fill out the online request form. 

HERO Program Application

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