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HERO Program

HERO Program

HERO Program


The HERO Program recognizes schools in Riverside County, CA that have taken the initiative of creating a culture of kindness on their respective campuses. The program intends to bridge the gap between parents, students, and schools by providing education and resources to all members of the school community. The program focuses on three pillars of school communities by offering parent education, student education/activities, and professional development opportunities for school staff. By including all members of the school community, we can help foster a culture of kindness and promote positive mental health and academic success among students!


A HERO school is committed to building a positive and nurturing environment for students, teachers, and the community it serves. It fosters a sense of belonging, respect, and empathy among all members of the school community. When schools put kindness at the forefront, it paves the way for meaningful connections, support, and understanding. In a school where kindness is celebrated and practiced daily, students feel safe to express themselves, take risks, and learn from their mistakes without fear of judgment. Teachers and community members lead by example, demonstrating empathy, compassion, and advocacy in student interactions. By prioritizing kindness in all aspects of school life, they not only enhance the overall well-being and safety of everyone involved but also lay the foundation for a supportive and harmonious learning environment where each student is valued and respected.


Schools in Riverside County, CA can attain HERO school status by fulfilling specific criteria in partnership with RMCCF during the academic year:

Schools meeting the HERO criteria will receive:

  • HERO School Banner
  • HERO School Recognition via Press Release & Social Media
  • School Recognition Ceremony at Annual Gala

This recognition serves to not only honor the hard work of the educators and students but also to encourage a culture of kindness and continuous improvement in educational settings. By showcasing these schools, we aim to spread awareness and celebrate the positive impact they are making in the lives of their students and the community as a whole.