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Awards Recognition

Awards Recognition

Awards Recognition


Erin Christmas
Library Director, City of Riverside

Jasmine Fincher
Student Services Coordinator, MVUSD

Elena Chavez
Martin Luther King High School, RUSD

Angel Vargas
Peralta Elementary School, JUSD


2023 – 2024 SCHOOL YEAR

Sophia Martinez – Special Education Teacher, Hawthorne Elementary School

Thi Young – Teacher, Garretson Elementary School

Carlos Gastelum – Student, Seneca Elementary School

Talen Kuehl – Student, Del Sol Academy

Martin Luther King High School (The Multicultural Council) – Riverside Unified School District

Butterfield Language Academy (The Kindness Club) – Moreno Valley Unified School District

2022 – 2023 SCHOOL YEAR

Chantal Velasquez – Counselor, John F. Kennedy Elementary School

Amelia Earhart Middle School (Team No Place for Hate) – Riverside Unified School District 

Santiago Roybal – Student, John F. Kennedy Elementary School

Elexis Sloan – Student, Amelia Earhart Middle School

Susan Perez – Counselor, Stokoe Elementary School

Ramona High School – Riverside Unified School District

Arianna Chaney – Student, Norco Intermediate School

2021 – 2022 SCHOOL YEAR

Canyon Lake Middle School PLUS Group 

Shannon Bagley – Teacher, Canyon Lake Middle School

Amanda Niaves – Counselor, Cottonwood School

2019 – 2020 SCHOOL YEAR

MeCHA De Poly Club 

Johnie Drawn & Raphael Briscoe – Members of Communities 4 Children Mentoring Program

Mr. Ricardo Lozano & Mrs. Vlandita Lozano – Hemet and San Jacinto Valley Community Members

Aramis Verano aka “The Kid CEO” – Southern, CA Elementary School Student

Canyon Springs High School Anti-Bullying Club (ABC) – Over 145 active members!

Perris High School (PLUS Leadership Program) – Perris Union High School District

Ashley Hayball – Teacher, Desert Ridge Academy Middle School

Ramona High School (S.U.P.E.R. Peers) – Riverside Unified School District 

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Student Ambassadors and Moderators – Our Lady of Perpetual Help School 

Britney Criswell – Instructional Assistant, Alessandro School

2018 – 2019 SCHOOL YEAR

La Sierra High School (PALS) – Alvord Unified School District 

Voices for Children CASA’s Against Bullying 

Ramona High School (S.U.P.E.R. Peers) – Riverside Unified School District

Clare Pierce – Student, Jurupa Middle School

Dan Taylor – Founder, BullyStop 360 Program

Maria Lomeli – Student, Ramona High School

Berenice Toledano – School Counselor, Boulder Ridge Elementary School

Edward Gutierrez – Student, Boulder Ridge Elementary School

Jordan Thompkins – Student, Stone Avenue Elementary School

Mandy Wiltrout – Assistant Principal, Desert Ridge Academy Middle School

Megan Murano – Student, Indio High School

Melinda Tapia – Teacher, Jurupa Middle School

Payton Ramirez – Student, Lincoln Elementary School

Ryan Johnston, Student – Amelia Earhart Elementary School

Silvana Diaz – Teacher, Troth Street Elementary School

2017 – 2018 SCHOOL YEAR

Jurupa Middle School – Jurupa Unified School District 

Sundance Elementary  Beaumont Unified School District 

Three Rings Elementary – Beaumont Unified School District 



2022 HERO Peer Club of the Year – Sunnymead Middle School Kindness Club, Sunnymead Middle School

2022 HERO Administer of the Year  – Matthew Fraley, North High School

2022 HERO Community Leader of the Year – Rebecca Antillon, Riverside University Health Systems

2022 HERO Business of the Year – Inland Empire Health Plan, Special Recognition to Luanna Jauregui


2021 HERO Guardian Angel of the Year – Sherri Chun

2021 HERO Community Partner of the Year – Thomasina Wallace, California Baptist University 

2021 HERO Teacher of the Year – Shannon Bagley, Canyon Lakes Middle School 

2021 HERO Student of the Year – Kristina Lopez, Ramona High School 


2020 SUPER Hero of the Year – Aramis Verano

2020 Empowering HERO of the Year – Kennedy Wiltz

2020 Inspirational HERO of the Year – Jadyn Gomberg

2020 HERO Peer Club of the Year – Canyon Springs High School Anti-Bullying Club


2019 HERO Community Partner of the Year – California Baptist University, College of Behavioral and Social Sciences

2019 Inspirational HERO of the Year – Jessica Fuller, Orange Grove High School

2019 HERO Counselor of the Year – Mrs. Kathleen Sarmiento, Ramona High School

2019 HERO Student of the Year – Megan Murano, Indio High School Student


2018 HERO Initiative of the Year – Corona-Norco Unified School District

2018 HERO Staff of the Year – Dena Drouault, Counselor Clayton A. Record Junior Elementary School

2018 HERO Student of the Year – Ayanna Johnson, former Student, Polytechnic  High School

2018 HERO Inspirational Person of the Year – Cassandra Lackie, Riverside Resident

2018 HERO Community Leader of the Year – Michael Barboza, Owner of Right at Home In-Home Care and Assistance


2017 HERO Administrator of the Year – Jessica Simpson – Thomas Jefferson Middle School

2017 HERO Community Leader of Year – Dr. Susan Levine, Director of RCOE Pupil and Administrative Service 

2017 HERO Staff Member of the Year – Michelle Gomez, Counselor Canyon Springs High School

2017 HERO Student of the Year – Keilee Ann Grace Kelly, Student Mesa View Elementary

2017 HERO Ambassador of the Year – Shannon Fox, Ms. USA Universal

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