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Parent Classes & Training

Parent Classes & Training

Parent Classes & Training


If you are a parent or guardian of a child who is struggling with bullying and desire additional information, proven strategies, and other resources to combat bullying, the Anti-Bullying Institute offers FREE parent classes throughout Riverside County, California*. You will receive valuable information on bullying and learn how to effectively address bullying issues. Topics include an in-depth overview of traditional bullying and cyber bullying; identifying cues that your child is being bullied or is a bully; talking about bullying and maintaining open lines of communication with your child; and keeping kids connected, protected and safe online. Classes are offered in English and Spanish. Time is allowed during each session for questions related to parents’ specific situations.

In early 2018, we launched our Cyberbullying parent classes. This presentation provides an in-depth look at cyberbullying, internet safety and online etiquette. We give parents resources, tips and tools to combat cyberbullying. Parents learn how to start the dialogue with their children on navigating the internet, social media sites, phone apps and most importantly, how to stay safe online. This class will help parents convey to their children that if they feel attacked, stalked or bullied online, that they can always get help. 

*These 1-hour classes are presented in Spanish and English for FREE throughout our normal coverage area. Normal coverage area includes the City of Riverside and surrounding areas. We also offer classes within Riverside County based on availability and resources. Live webinars can also be scheduled for working parents or if you are outside of our service area.

Please fill out the form below specifying which class you are scheduling in your request. You will be contacted within 48-72 hours to schedule a class or webinar. The bullying and cyberbullying classes are separate 1-hour classes, however, the general bullying class does include basic cyberbullying information. 

Upcoming Bullying Prevention Class Webinars

Currently, we do not have a class scheduled. Please view our past webinar below or contact us to schedule a class for your school, group or organization.

View Past Webinar – Bully Prevention Webinar – January 19, 2019