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Take 30 – Webinars

Take 30 – Webinars

Take 30 – Webinars

We offer quarterly webinars geared towards professional development and to further bullying prevention education. These webinars are free and scheduled throughout the year.

Upcoming Webinar

Coming soon! In the meantime, check out all of our past Take 30 Webinars below.

Past Webinars

Take 30: Janna Peterson- The Importance and Benefits of Play During Childhood Development

Take 30: Rebecca Antillon- Know the Signs: Suicide Prevention

Take 30: Dr. Carrie Hastings- Identifying Signs of Mental/Emotional Distress among Athletes…and Next Steps

Take 30: Anthony Eftimeo- Allyship in Action

Take 30: Judy French, Pacer – Create a World Without Bullying

Webinar PowerPoint’s can be found here.