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Virtual Teen Workshop

Virtual Teen Workshop

Virtual Teen Workshop


Creating the Ripple Effect is an interactive virtual bullying prevention workshop intended for Middle and High School students. Teens will learn what bullying and cyberbullying is, as well as the long-lasting effects it can have on both the Target and Aggressor. The information provided emphasizes the importance of advocating for yourself, others, and practicing empathy in hopes of creating a ripple effect of kindness in your school and community. Videos, resources, and interactive activities will be provided during the workshop. Teens are encouraged to participate, and time is allowed for questions during the session.

Recommended for: Middle to High School Students

Group Size: Up to 45 participants

Length: 45 minutes to 1 hour

This 45-minute workshop is presented in a virtual format or in person.

Please fill out the form below with all the necessary information regarding your request. You will be contacted within 48-72 hours to schedule a webinar.