Riverside Medical Clinic Charitable Foundation

About The Foundation

About The Foundation

About The Foundation

Our History

For over thirty-five years, the Riverside Medical Clinic Foundation, which was incorporated in 1984 by 19 Riverside Medical Clinic physicians, has pursued a mission of providing health education.

In 2013, Riverside Medical Clinic Charitable Foundation (RMCCF), a 501(c)(3) public charity, was incorporated. In its mission to improve health and the quality of life for residents in Inland Southern California, RMCCF offers monthly support groups for chronic diseases and other conditions, including Alzheimer’s, endometriosis, prostate cancer and brain injury & stroke.

RMCCF presents health-based events and lectures with its community partners and works to provide innovative programming focused on preventing bullying and pediatric obesity.

We also offer scholarships to individuals who have chosen health care as their field of study, families needing help caring for a loved one, and children or adults with special needs or special circumstances.

In 2014, we introduced the Anti-Bullying Institute to offer hands-on bullying prevention programs, which are designed to empower children, parents, schools and youth organization personnel to effectively deal with the issue of bullying.

In 2019, we introduced our Traveling Triplets. This memory care doll therapy program offers meaning and purpose for someone who is living with dementia. Our staff visits memory care facilities, where we work to introduce the babies to individuals that will benefit the most from this interaction.


Riverside Medical Clinic Charitable Foundation is dedicated to improving health and the quality of life in Inland Southern California through advocacy, individual and professional education, and service.

Core Principles

  • Promotion of individual and community disease prevention and wellness
  • Offer innovative programs to effectively improve the quality of life and health in our community 
  • Leverage resources through community collaboration and partnership
  • Continuously assess and improve the organization’s performance in meeting its mission