Riverside Medical Clinic Charitable Foundation

Community Impact Scholarship

Community Impact Scholarship

Community Impact Scholarship

About The Scholarship 

This fund assists our Inland Southern California community members in helping improve their daily lives and wellbeing. It supports local health and wellness program assistance and other related needs for special programs.

For example, funds can be used to assist in paying for an overnight or day camp for children or adults with or without special needs. This fund is intended to assist those with special circumstances.


  • Must reside in Inland Southern California
  • Must have special needs or have a family member who has special needs and is requesting funds to assist with needs. This fund is intended to serve those with special circumstances.
  • Must submit a 200-300 word essay
  • Must provide brochure, flyer, website, etc. of camp or program

RMCCF will award up to 10 scholarships of $250 or $500 per grantee on an ongoing basis throughout the year. Other amounts will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Scholarships can only be awarded a maximum of once per applicant.