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Traveling Triplets Program

Traveling Triplets Program

Traveling Triplets Program

Our Program

RMCCF’s Traveling Triplets, a memory care therapeutic doll program for dementia patients, was born in 2019. Doll therapy offers meaning and purpose for someone who is living with dementia. There is a familiarity with being a caregiver for the baby that can be comforting and purposeful. Instead of constantly being a receiver of assistance and care, a baby offers the opportunity for meaningful interaction that is directed by the person living with dementia.

Our staff members bring the triplet (doll) babies for a one-hour visit, where we will work with your staff to introduce the babies to individuals that you think will benefit the most.

Cost and Scheduling

Visits are free. Our current coverage area includes the City of Riverside and surrounding areas based on availability and resources. To schedule a visit with our Travelling Triplets, please contact Joe Anzora, Foundation Coordinator, at 951.321.6513 or email.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, all Travelling Triplet staff members wear masks on-site and are fully vaccinated for the safety of themselves and others.

We love the senior care community!

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If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Foundation Program Coordinator by email or (951) 321-6513. Thank you!